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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Legalising Murder of Children and Youth in the Capital of EU

Source: www.prawy.pl

Belgian Liberal Party: Introduces eutanazia of Children and Youth!

Leader of the main party of the belgian coalition, the Liberal Party of Belgium, Bart Tommelein, called to introduce further changes in their present low allowing eutanazia and legalising of performing that legalised murder on children and youth. The leader of coalition the Flamish Party "Vlaase Liberalen en Democraten - VLD" said: "We won't allow the debate on ethics to be dragged on as it was during the last four years. [The goal was forcing through that new law], as liberals we will seek to achieve parlimental majority."

The law introduced in 2002 permits eutanazia of babies, and in practice, of children untill their 12-th month of life, also, persons over their 18-th year of life. The party of liberals calls to broaden this law to include also other groups of age, that means: children and jouth.

More than half of children below the 12-th month of life die in Belgium in the result of so called "medical intervention". Official data shows that doctors decide on performing each month some 39 murders of this kind, however, the true number isn't really known

Looks like again according to the view of the "Civilized" part of the population in the hart of so very "humanitarian" European Union this is just right and perfect. What next? So far gradual tearing apart of Slavic countries, one after another, kept going well for an Eurokolchoz of European Union. This makes one wonder what country is going be next now, what policy of murder and total control is going to win over the remainder of the basic ethical sanity and humanity left there yet. How soon? Who knows... But looks like the patience of many people out there is on the very narrow edge already...

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