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Saturday, 29 March 2008

New Fuel For Cars

Living in the 21-st century we still use primitive, costly fuels as: Petrol, Diesel, LPG or Coal and its products as main energy source. All very expensive now, and constantly growing in prices. In the meantinme, literarily unlimited amounts of cheap energy are just at the easy reach of hand. 75% of Mother Earth surface consists of water. Oceans, rivers, lakes and glaciers of it. Water consists of hidrogen and oxygen gases, ALL OF IT, THE PERFECT FUEL.

There are already in existence all over the world numerous inventions which already solved VERY WELL problem of transforming water into the WATER GAS or separating it, one or the other way, into hidrogen and oxygen of which the water gas consists. Any which way, hidrogen as a fuel is free, or at most very cheap to produce this way. This makes one think "what keeps the world from switching over to Hydrogen based energetics"? At least one country in the world, though, decided to do it. It is Island. You will find an article on that also at Esperlando. Which country will follow the good example? Future will show.

Also an International Language - Esperanto makes its due contribution into the world of alternative energy projects, inventions and solutions. At Esperlando we care for the better future of the human kind, therefore, you will find there how to make your own cheap, but efficient, generator of WATER GAS also called HIDROXY to fuel your car for free or at least severly limit the amount of petrol or LPG you normally must use to run it. Save between 25% and up to 100% of money used to fuel your car. At Esperanto Federacio section you will find plans and designes on how to make this - very easy to construct - generator yourself from the of-bench materials from supermarkets, hardware stores and wracker yards. All it needs is firm decision and wish to make it yourself and be able to start saving with it. Best motivation is the amount saved itself. Easy maths.

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