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Monday, 12 May 2008

Orwell's Vision Coming True.

George Orwell 1984

One reader's comment at one other the biggest Polish News Sites gave me an idea to write this article. One ought to really profoundly look into it. As it is impossible not to notice, right where they are, most ardently "defending the democracy", the famous work of, George Orwell, titled "1984" is the book almost banished. It is the book of which in Western World libraries and bookstores they don't know much at all, or just hardly have some idea of it... This days, more and more often, in libraries of the Western World one simply can't any more easy borrow it, neither bay at bookstores... This is not an exaggeration. These are facts. Checked and proven facts... I met with it myself at several places... It looks like we are just one step from the time when it can become already to late to be able to react on it in any way... Sad, frightening, dark future for all, if nothing changes about it.

Read "1984" by the famous English visionary author, George Orwell. Necessarily!
The guy was true visionary, what he wrote about, is today slowly being realised, there are 3 superpowers in process of creation, much like at the Orwell's vision: Oceania, Eurasia, and Asia Oriental., they keep limiting freedoms in every step of the life and take control over the human mind through media manipulation of information and social perceptions, according to the ruling ideology; the economy shouldn't at al serve the society at large, but the group of the privileged ones: Cit; " At the same time they realised, the common well being threatens durability of the hierarchical societies; in fact it is their peril." And further: " If all were wealthy and had the same amount of free time for disposition, big mass of people till now stupefied by the poverty would gain an education and started to think, and then earlier or later, would realize, the privileged minority (regime) hasn't got nany priority right of existence so they ought to fall it down. Hierarchical society must be supported by poverty and obscurity, to function efficiently." And going further: " They driven to stagnation economies of many countries, arable grounds were left unused, they didn't invest into production , huge part of human kind they deposed of work and governmental care institutions payed to unemployed almost starvation diet benefits. However, because such politics were inducing military weakness, and the poverty sourced from it, absolutely nothing could excuse, it met with opposition with the time passed. They had to deal with the problem of, how to keep in constant moving the industrial machine, but not increase the wealth of the world. They understood, goods they had to produce, but its not-on to distribute them. The only realistic solution, then, was the constant war." pg 218-219 Issued by: Wydanie Literackei Muza SA Warsaw 2006. This is happening right now, right in front of our own eyes. One just needs to open the eyes wide and not be afraid to acknowledge to oneself, to see who one really sees, and not be afraid to look.

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