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Friday, 28 March 2008

Alternative in Renewables and Politics

Already well serving humankind for more than 120 years - since July 1887 - International Language - Esperanto becomes more and more trendy in Europe and worldwide. Many country-members of, European Union, use English for international communications amongst themselves. However, increasingly, more and more voices of EU Parlamentarians are rising up to take up Esperanto as an option for all those who are not happy with their feeling of subjugation of their cultures and languages; subdued, second rated, opressed by the dominance of one or the other of the members of this artificial - as was in its begenings Esperanto itself - conglomeration of independent countries in the European Continent.

More and more people of those countries feel already thretened and extremely uneasy... I myself, having been a Pole, simple con't trust the "nightingale songs of a wolf ready to jump at the first given opportunity", that is threatening again and again. Persecution of my native Poland's culture customs and language is not in the least forgotten, and never shall be, as this is what happened in the still hurting to Polish people, living memory of past experiences of four dis-partitions of Poland and fierce persecutions of Polish people just short time ago. The never forgettable fierce and merciless Polish language, customs and culture persecutions.

At present, in EU, there are also numerous member-countries small and medium in size who are already highly threatened, by aggressive political precedence, dominance and economic and cultural domination, hegemonism and exploitation by foreign country, their culture, laws and politics, even a languages and in addition even totally alien religion, having been tried to be forcefully imposed on them totally against their will

That this aren't some silly, unfounded, unreasonable fears, now anyone can see clearly by observing comparing and analysing what happened in Europe before and what happens right now.

There are already so many examples of hegemony and fight for total control at EU by Germany, that one would have to be blind not to see that clearly without having it spelled out, and these outrageousness happens in particular in relation towards Slavic countries and their people, and there are already present in Europe - and all the time growing - numerous examples of all those unfortunate, and clearly totalitarian in character processes.

All this is outright criminal in the eyes of any decent person, like for example an indisputably illegal in the eyes of an international law, savage dis-partitioning and vivisection of Serbia, attempts of hegemony with the "divide and rule" politics, or the latest, terrible internal war in Ukraine, caused by nothing else but greed of money and power by the alien to this Slavic country powers.

Worst of all is this is, that most of it came, and comes now, direct from UN, and in the name of peace, apparently not to make wars. But they do make war, not peace...

In the light of all of these, the true neutrality of Esperanto as an International Language, seems to be the most ideal solution for international communication, as it is neutral culturally and politically.

Universal Life League

is a three lingual site -also in Esperanto - doing some solid work on developing Info-Bank for funs of Mutual Help in the fields of Alternative Energies, Sustainability and other related fields of interests in Esperanto. The site is three lingual: English, Polish and Esperanto.

Beside topics on alternative energy sources and resources, and their utilization in these languages, you'll find materials on religion, philosophy, politics, creeds, cultures, besides plans, designs, receipts, etc. You can find there some plans one can already use to construct described there projects. I don't say what it is. Best if just go there and see for yourself.

Antill not long time ago. because of the mountain of work with translating, and all the research, I published most projects mainly in Esperanto, as they are already quite easily available to keenly interested researcher in both, English and Polish. Original links to researched sites I always present in every translated to Esperanto post and article, therefore, all interested can follow links to see the original. quite probably already known to some proportion of those interested in these topics.

Advantage of high level of easiness proven by practice, and the the trial of time over 120 years of practical use worldwide, Esperanto's learning and teaching, as the fully phonetic International Language brings to mind the question: Why waste billions upon billions of dollars (or Euros) for incredibly time consuming studies of extremely complex foreign languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or other possibly even more difficult, if there is already in existence an ideal: easy, practical, cheap, neutral solution?

Esperanto belongs to everyone equally and it is just at the hand's reach. Esperanto belongs to the world, equally to everyone in the world, not to any separate nation or culture, right from the time of its birth. It isn't a threat to anyone but benefits everyone.

Wish to get to know more? Visit http://www.wiedy.net  Alternatively, check how Esperanto looks and how easy it is to learn even as a self learner go to: http://www.cursodeesperanto.com.br/. It takes just few minutes to download it. - It is genuinely free and with no obligations.

You'll find there downloadable and usable for free, very easy to use software available already in some 28 languages to learn this language as a self learner, without tutor if you feel like it... No pressure, none schedules, no obligations, you learn it as you please... You have, also option to ask for the tutor at that site.  Alternatively, if you like The Practice and the Universal Life League - both complementing each other - write me a note for the tutoring help in Esperanto for free. If you'll also have the Skype, I can arrange for you life instruction sessions by these media as well. I can help for speakers of both: English and Polish...

 If more intense help would be needed I charge just symbolic fee - but rather in form of accepting as payment help in redacting of The Practice or the Universal Life League to help keeping them both on-line. For all further information write to me putting words "The Practice" in subject to my address: esperioster@gmail.com/

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