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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Self Reliance - Living Without the Power Grid

  There is a lot of materials this days, about alternative energy and its uses. Survivalists also take vivid interest in this, as well as increasingly large numbers of other people sick to death of the inexcusably high energy costs of energy (electric power and gas)on the Power Grid. 

Although, even if it is true that some wide-eyed environmental fanatics and greenies, are frequently hijacking on Internet issues of the cheaper life,outside the Power Grid, and trying to transform it all into their own damned Political Correctness rubbish pile, it doesn't change the fact that it is worth to have a good  look into this closer, and try to get yourself independent. Anyone can do it, if you only have a pair of healthy hands willing to do some work, and if you still own your brains, having them not brainwashed yet and willing to think for yourself, by yourself, and not by someone's else head...

But anyway... We find on the big Net also lot of very sensible, down to earth and easy to apply, very useful materials that can be really good base to start from if you happen to have interest in having your life a lot freer, and lots cheaper than living totally dependent of the, Energy Grid.

At the Universal Life League, we apply to all matters the no-nonsense, just Common Sense, approach always. Besides this, quite a few of us – including myself – happen live outside of the Power Grid, in the outback, having been either completely, or at least partially independent of it.Some of shear necessity, some other by choice. Those ones can show the others how it can be done the best way, and how it is being done since long time in some cases.
We do not do it out of curiosity, or some silly political correctness of any kind, or out of any other motives that would be in common with Political Correctness of Greenies or Enviro-fanatics. We stay out of ANY politics as far we only can.,
We just simply don't enjoy, and don't want to be continually ripped-of by the ever more voracious Establishments of Greed and Total Control, or in some cases, simply can't even afford to connect to the Grid, or can't do it for many other, very valid and important reasons. Therefore,  here we meet to mutually help each other in making our lives easier, cheaper, more comfortable and more humanly by collective effort in sharing important information on How To Do it, Do It Yourself projects, etc.
We just do it to live our files as free and independent as possible, making it at the same time the life A LOT cheaper and, more enjoyable.
In doing so, we got no worries if even all power companies shall switch off the gas or electricity this summer, or winter, and when, and for how long, etc. etc. And, in particular – we don't have to worry any more how much THEY – The Greedy Bastards - will again rise the power and gas costs. Bugger them all to hell, the ever hungry, never satiated greedy mongrels!
We really can relay on ourselves and gain an independence of THEM, if we only make some effort. And, believe me, such Self Reliance is not only good for your economy, it feels even better, feels great, and it is also a lot cheaper to apply than one could ever think of of. 

First thing you just need to do to start the change for better is - switch off the Stupid Box, seriously start disbelieving in anything of what the Establishment's' hysteria, propaganda and manipulating brainwash networks have on offer to you - as the hysteria, spreading fears and doubts in your own abilities and other-ways manipulating and brainwashing people is their own and often only existing goals... Just start relayingt on your own abilities and possibilities to do things on your own.
Here I present the You Tube movie on one such example in Australia, where young block builds his own system by very simple method and lives now independent of the Power Grid.hat 
This is a great example of how easy it is to do it, and in fact how cheap. The cost of installation returns costs of used power and gas even within a first year, and next year this goes on, all for free since then on... 

Of course, there is a small maintenance cost, sometime one needs to replace a battery, etc, but all in all, these cost are a fraction of the fraction of that, how much we keep on getting being ripped off by the power companies.

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