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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The ancient sign of cross is a symbol of light and sun for the good reason.

By: Zbigniew Wybraniec

Information source; http://blogpublika.com/2016/07/31/hologram-fotonu-ma-ksztal-krzyza/

  Extremely old sign of cross, used long before Christianity existed, seems to appear (just as considered by ancient alchemy, ancient Vedic knowledge followers, and later Gnostic), to be an actually proven now image of the single photon of light, as shows its actual holographic picture done just short time ago.

Two young scientists, physicists from the Warsaw University in Poland, Dr. Radosław  Chrapkiewicz, with Mgr. Michał Jachura, first time ever in the world made holographic image od a single particle of light (photon).
"In the relatively easy experiment, we managed to measure and see something, what is very difficult to spot: the form of the wave fronts of a single photon, said Dr. Radoslaw Chrapkiewicz".
Hologram of a particle of photon is in a form of Maltese Cross with its arms widening towards the ends. Maltese Cross was created on the base of the so called Greek Cross. It was used by many Christian orders, mainly a hospital orders like: Joanniates and Lazarytes. Maltese Cross was a base of the Templar Cross and a lot earlier earlier yet, the Celtic Cross. First picture of a similar cross in the Christian tradition comes from the VI century, from around the Byzantine culture circles.
Hologram fotonu

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