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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Annual Australian Nomadic Season

Right now is a time when a lot of Grey Nomads, and other travelling communities of Australia make an annual seasonal trip to Northern areas of Australia, to escape coming chills of Southern States of this beautiful and unique Continent-Country. Here's one of a beautiful, quiet, free camping areas an the way Up-North.

As this way of life is all the time more and more popular, a lot of people chose to join also one or another nomadic site or forum.
One of them, very popular and with excellent Forum full of very useful info and mutual help amongst the members is The Grey Nomads, at the address: http://www.thegreynomads.com.au/ 
If you would like to go rather direct to the forum, here is a separate link: http://thegreynomads.activeboard.com/forum/ although, when entering the main site, you shall find it very easily as the last item at the link bar at the top of the page on the far right site.
Have a Good Trip an equally great time at the Grey Nomads Forum!

As for those who would like rather get some more travel planning tips directly here, I got one more news item.

There is a great traveller's site Carvacaravan, under adress: http://www.caravancaravan.com.au/ I won't now say any more, go and see there, and I guarrantee, you shall not be dissapointed. :)

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