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Monday, 28 October 2013

Lets Do It Together - Doom and Gloom be damned!

By: Zbysh Holasa

If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine. --Morris West
The above citation says it just right, and this is what we are about at Universal Life League.

 Damn the Doom and Gloom - Life is Beautiful and Generous!

Many people forget in their everyday rush that life has to it a lot more than just worries and upset that we are offered by mass media. There are a lot of beautiful things in the life just waiting to be taken and enjoyed. One only has to notice and have a will to use them. Remember! Not everything enjoyable has to be bought, and expensively paid for, as the mercantile mentality of many people at the power, especially big industry, with their economical and political decision makers, would dearly love to have us to believe whenever only given a chance.

We actually do have choices, we just need to exercise them, or we need to learn how to chose if we do not know how to keep our freedom, rights as individual, physical health and our mental and spiritual faculties in good order.

 As the first thing we ought to know this: Doom and Gloom always was, and still, one of the favoured, powerful methods of scaring people out of their wits, to keep them in check all over the world, as long the human history can remember it. You can find many vivid examples of that in the past and present.

 The fear, false information, misinformation, outright lie and false promise, are favored, and effective, weapons of the unscrupulous political and economic powers against the poor, underprivileged, undereducated and underdeveloped worldwide. They do not dare to touch, though, the rich and powerful, as they most often represent their own interests, not these of the people who elected them to their positions in an “election” farce and mockery of the so called democratic system.

This is from where come the present politicized Green Movement with its Bog Brother political parties, the so called Ecological Movement, and so on, etc. They all seem to have roots in the hands of the Puppet Masters who created them for their own use to control population - unseen, but very effective even more so because of it.

 But, what we can do about it and how!?
  A lot actually!...

First of all, though, we shouldn't be giving a damn about anything what they say first, and above all.
Next.  Let them cry and shout and talk and till they get hoarse and salivating, and then just simply just tell them. Up yours! And keep going about our own things in life.

This works, as they absolutely hate being not heard and ignored, but most of all they hate and fear to be ignored having been used to the atitudes of slave-like servitude in their own environment.

We need to remember above all, though, that sun shines free and bountiful for us all as it always did, and it does so even for them, the crooked ones, and it always will.
Birds sing as their always did, and water flows from the mountains to the sea as it always did, no matter what the crooks do or think. So why not go closer to the nature, say “bugger you all” to all the manipulators in the world and enjoy our own lives, untroubled about false presences, promises and outright lies by crooked manipulators of all kinds: mass media, crooked politicians, religious zealots, and other kindred crooks, manipulators and similar beings of shadowy manipulation.

 If by any chance some of us “waited for the storm” let us be known: either it did already come unnoticed and we could do do anything about it, or it won't ever came at all, or it is just outright lie...
Which is the truth? Who knows! So why bother? Let it all go and rather check if it is really the storm they keep roaring out their throats hoarse about, or rather a breeze, magnified out of proportion even thousandfold by these who have interest in the Doom and Gloom hysteria.

Universal Life League is about bringing the relieve where and when we can, helping our neighbour in need, mainly sharing usefull information to make our lives easier. As we are often based on the virtual environment of Internet, for most our contacts, it is an Internet that brings us all together and related technologies. We wish to bring the ULL community closer together by mutual sharing of knowledge, achievements, tips, tricks and Know How, to make our lives easier.

If you feel like you have something that you would like to share with us, send us message to the Admin's email address: webmaster@esperlando.zzn.com or share your thoughts directly. Tell us what you think by leaving your comments. And finally, do enjoy your own life and sunshine! Stop worrying about things you can not have influence on. Do not worry about some imagined storms, when the beauty and goodness of the nature itself is just around you. Live your own Life, not imagined troubles of those who wish to use you for their own egoistic profits, agendas and ambitions.

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