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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Welcome at Esperlando

All the best to all in this New Year 2008.

I wish to all this year to be the best all can have and realization of all plans and dreams.

Esperanto word, ESPERLANDO, meaning in English the, Land of Hope. May it be what it's meant to be to all who strive finding hope for the better future. We aren't an environmental, or so called "greenie", supporters. Most of us don't agree with terrorist style, piratical actions of "Greenpeace" or some other other, so called, "green parties". Although, we have interest in social interaction, mutual help to each other and making changes for the better in our lives. This is something everyone usually would agree with.
The world of today needs increasingly some action in excercising true humanism in mutual relations. Internet is good in helping mutual contacts, direct and efficient.

Here you'll find links to sites aiming to help achieving our goals. Step by step, but surely so. Mainly, though, its ourselves who hold charge of our own lives, after all. All we need is sometime just some prompt, some idea that would help to achieve what we aim for and dream about.

So... May all have our dreams and goals fulfilled in this year 2008!


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